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Welcome to Place1india HR RPO Services – Recruitment outsourcing services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are corporate outsourcing staffing services provider & top recruitment outsourcing agency in AhmedabadThe lifeblood for many businesses. Outsource your end to end permanent or contractual recruitment outsourcing process to us. Our domain experienced non technical & technical recruiters will dedicatedly handle your entire recruitment process. When you need staff, we can provide it on role, off roll staff on contract basis. We are the one of the best IT technical and non IT domestic and International RPO company in Ahmedabad.

1 – What is RPO ?
Recruitment Process Outsourcing is quite simply using the expertise of recruitment professionals to manage the internal recruitment in your business. Recruitment is a complex procedure that requires thought and planning, Company staff needs analysis, Recruitment and budget planning, bulk hiring, third party recruitment, temporary/permanent or contractual recruitment, short time business survey, Assistance with recruitment process development, Conducting recruitment drives, Employee induction, Talent Management program.

2 – What’s in RPO For Me ?
• Time. Enabling key personnel to get on with growing the business

• Gain access to a team of professionals for a fraction of the cost.

• Have a consultant who can assist you with end to end recruitment planning and role out

• Reduce the total fixed and variable costs associated with recruiting.

• Scale recruiting capacity up or down on-demand.

• Institute a consistent and predictable recruit-to-hire process.

• Increase candidate quality.

• Reduce time where roles are vacant.

• Increase hiring manager satisfaction and have required staff in place so the business does not suffer.

• Assist with marketing and enhance employment branding.

• Reduce turnover and impact on business & other staff members.

3 – What Do I Need To Think About When Recruiting ?
• Discover the current and future talent needs for the company.

• Budget planning & analysis. • Identifying recruiting timeframes.

• Media strategy – best route to identifying talent.

• How to market yourself to attract the right caliber candidates.

• Identify the possible hidden costs of recruitment process.

• Cost of induction, training and staff integration. Recruitment takes a well thought out plan and the assistance of experienced professionals

4 – Benefits of Proper Recruitment Planning Reduce possible tension with current staff by getting staff input and their Decrease risk of buy in Ensure all hires are making a mistake necessary and will by spending or compliment using unnecessary current staff and money/resources add to the bottom line Reduce time Reduce staff spend on turnover by hiring recruitment taking the right people away from normal that fit with the day to day team. operations

5 – Understanding what is involved in recruitment Meeting with management to understand growth plans for the company. Understand the actual positions that must be filled and in what length of time. Learn from past mistakes and create a new structure and recruitment process that must be adhered to. Provide detailed job descriptions outlining the position and the length of time person required. Ensure all skill sets and personality traits and competencies have been identified. Research salary market rates and agree salary brackets and benefits Control costs. Create a budget for recruitment Agree recruitment and interview process which is adhered to across the company to ensure quality standards are upheld. Conduct market research to identifying the best mediums to advertise and costs of same. Ensure response is measured. Get clear on the company position, where it’s at and where it’s going. The values across the business

6 – Recruitment is a complex and detailed process where disregard for any step can cause costly challenges for the company and management

7 – Avoids And ensures Proper costly a smooth Planning mistakes transition

8 – The real cost of recruitment is often far more significant than employers believe. The loss of earnings can often become of the biggest factors, much more so than the actual advertising and staff time costs.

9 – Summary Plan your recruitment drive carefully. If you do not have the expertise the wisest and cheapest solution is to hire a recruitment professional. Analyze and track costs both hidden and fixed. Create a clear strategy to attract and recruit the right staff. Never hire the wrong candidate no matter what.