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How would you describe the company’s culture? …

What is your favorite thing about working for this company? …

How do you see this company evolving over the next five years? …

How would the person in this role contribute to this vision? 

Many job seekers are don’t know how to Answers in first Interview. Here list of some Most Important Frequently Asked Interview Questions, best interview tips for rejected candidates. sample practice Questions with unique suggestion Example, attitude, behavior, JD, Job description, each an every position like Administration, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, FMCG, Information Technology IT Software, Hardware, Banking, Sales Marketing, Hospitals, Supply Chain, Tours Travel Tourism, Educational, Logistics, E commerce, manufacturing, Airport ground aviation, Call center BPO/KPO, warehouse, SSC, HSC, Graduates.

This is the most famous question for an interviewer and also most difficult to answer this question for the candidate. This question puts all the pressure on the candidate and the interviewer relax.

You should alert enough to answer this question. You should start with an easy and confident tone and answer in a proper manner. It should not be scripted. Always remember, you are not giving the interview to a robot so your articulation, your pronunciation of each word should be clear and confident.

A good way

Analyze your interviewer interests.

Express your most important accomplishments first. 

“Good morning/afternoon/evening” sir/mam.

First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is 

As far as my education qualification is concerned, I have done MBA HR from

I had completed my schooling from

As far as concerned my family, I belong to a middle – class family. My father is a Businessman, and my Mother is a homemaker. My brother is preparing for

My strength is self – confidence, positive attitude, hard work.

My weakness is I can easily believe every one.

My hobbies are: Watching news channels, Playing volleyball, Listening to music.

Thank you for giving this opportunity to introduce myself.

By this question, the interviewer wants to know that:

If you fully understand what the job entails

How well you might match their requirement

What appeals to you most about this job

Before answering this question, take your own time an answer in the way that convinces the interviewer. Explain your qualities according to the above-stated points.

I have applied for this vacancy because it is an excellent match for my skills and experience. This role is exactly the sort of role I am currently targeting, and I am confident I will be able to make a major contribution.

This is a very tricky question. The work should always be more important than the money. This frame of mind is good for you at least at the time of interview. 

“Money is always important, but the work is most important for me” 

You should fully aware of that organization where you are going for an interview, so check the history, present structure and working style of that organization. Check the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn pages to gather the information.

We all know that it is one of the fastest growing company in India. The facilities provided to the employee are best. People feel proud to be the part of your company as the company provides full support to their employees in professional front. The working environment of this company is decent. It has crossed the branches in the world also. And I was in search of this type of company. 

You should be very careful with this question. Avoid trashing other employers and making a statement like “I need more money”. Instead of this, you can say that: 

Sir, it’s a career move. I have learned a lot from my last job, but now I am looking for new challenges to broaden my horizons and to gain a new skill-set. 

Tell your qualifications and highlight that points which makes you unique. 

Suggestion Answer 1 -“I believe that everyone starts with a beginning, I need a platform to prove my abilities and skills. I think your company is the right place to explore my abilities. I need to be a part of your growth. I will do my level best.”

Suggestion Answer 2 – “As a fresher, I need a platform to prove my ability. If I will be a part of your company, I’ll put my effort and strength to uplift your company. None is born with experience, and if you hire me, I will get professional experience through your company.”

Suggestion Answer 1 – “I will do my best for the growth of your company as long as I have the career growth, job satisfaction, respect and a healthy environment, then I don’t need to change my company.” 

Suggestion Answer 2 – “Everyone looks for a bright future, healthy work environment, good salary, job satisfaction and I am pretty sure that your company gives such things, so I don’t need to change the company.”

Don’t ask your salary in exact numbers, instead of this show your commitment to the job itself.

Suggestion Answer 1 – I am more interested in the role than the pay, and I expect to be paid appropriate money for this role based on my experience. As you also know that the high cost of living here in

Suggestion Answer 2 – As I am fresher, Salary is not an issue for me. Learning and gaining experience is my major priority. As your company is one of the most reputed companies, I just accept the salary offered by you is the best in the industry.

This question may also be asked that what your biggest achievements are. Or what are you most proud of?

You should discuss only work-related achievements. Try to pick a recent achievement.

Suggestion Answer 1 – “My greatest achievement so far in my career would probably be winning the of the Year award last year.” 

Suggestion Answer 2 – “My biggest accomplishment is overcoming my fear of failure. It gives me a complete sense of living and makes me more confident.”

I will rate myself 8 out of 10 because I would never like to think that there should be a room left for putting in more efforts. That thought will create an interest in learning the things. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Your answer should be realistic and practical.

Suggestion Answer 1 – “My short-term goal is to work in a reputed organization like yours where I can enhance my technical skills and knowledge.

My long-term goal is to see the company at a topmost position where I am one of the people responsible for that.”

Suggestion Answer 2 – “My goal is to become a successful person and make my family proud of me.”

You should always remember that even if your strength is not business related, find a way to relate it to work. Tell your positive points related to the job.

Suggestion Answer 1 – My main strengths are the ability to use my initiative to take on challenges. I am always proactive at what I do, and that keeps my mind stimulated and focused.

Suggestion Answer 2 – My greatest strengths would be my intelligence and thoughtfulness. I believe that in every work environment you need to process every step and be detailed in your work. 

Suggestion Answer 3 – My time management skills are excellent, and I’m organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.

Everyone has weaknesses so while answering this question don’t spend so much time on this. This question is generally asked to know how honest you are with yourself. State one or two minor weaknesses and try to relate it works. (avoid saying “I work too hard” it is a very common answer). Don’t pretend you don’t have weaknesses and don’t avoid answering the question.

Suggestion Answer 1 – You can say, “I used to be very disorganized, always forgetting assignments and birthdays. But I managed to work out a computerized system of to-do lists and reminders that keep me on top of everything.”

Suggestion Answer 2 -“I am a straightforward person, and I cannot say no when someone asks me for help.”  

While answering this question, don’t merely say that you are hard working, dedicated, punctual, etc. because these are not assets; these are the responsibility that management wants. Off course these are positive words and have a lot of meaning for you as well as for the company. Actually, these qualities make you an asset for the company after getting experience.

Suggestion Answer 1- “To become an asset for an organization, we have to punctual, dedicated, quickly adapt of the environment and positive working attitude I have all of these qualities so I will prove an asset for this company.”

It totally depends on you what you like and what hobbies do you have but always justify your answer.

For Example: My hobbies are dancing, Internet surfing, playing Chess, listening to music, watching the news channel. In my spare time, I like to read news on my phone and travelling to my hometown. Thank you for giving this opportunity to introduce myself.

Suggestion Answer 2 – “As I’m a fresher, I’ll be passionate about my work, and if given a chance I’ll be ready to expose myself into different sectors of work into the industry, and would be faithful to the company always.”

You should answer this question in a very diplomatic manner.

Suggestion Answer 1- “It depends on the situation if my lie creates a positive impact on the company and It was useful for many people, then I will lie.”

This question has a very specific purpose. The interviewer wants to know that if the candidate admits that he has applied to other places or gives a canned answer. Or what the candidate think about their company.

You should never claim that you did not apply to other company. Despite this, you can say that –

As you know, I would like to work as a software developer. Beyond your company, I have also applied to XYZ Company and ABC Company. This answer is more specific.

The interviewer should not lie while answering such questions. Because an interviewer is a brilliant person and they can detect it if you are lying.

For Example – I get to know about your company from several online websites.

This question is asked to the candidate to judge how spontaneous and explaining he is. If he uses a word, he must be able to explain that word and also represent himself according to that word.

These are some positive words. You can use it but be sure that you are judging with the word.

Original, genuine, logical, incredible, focused, curious, active, quick, balanced, achiever, etc.

Suggestion Answer 1 – If I feel I am making a difference working with a team of people to make a more profitable company. It is a success for me.

Confidence is based on facts and knowledge, and overconfidence is based on speculation. There is a small difference between confidence and overconfidence. Yes, I can do this work is self-confidence. But only I can do this work is overconfidence.

Or you can say that: confidence is an internal belief that I am a right person for this job and overconfidence is thought that I am only the right person for this job.

The difference between smart work and hard work are as follows:

Smart work and hard work are related to each other. Without being a hard worker, we can’t be a smart worker. Smart work comes from the hard work. That means everyone has to specialize in his work to become a smart worker. So, all of us have to do hard work to achieve smart work.

So hard work increases your accuracy, and smart work increases accuracy as well as efficiency.

If your answer is YES, you are surely get FAILED.

“No sir, I don’t think so. I am a professional, and I love my work, so there is no question to leave my work. Yes, it may be that I would take a break to spend quality time with my family.”

This is trick of the interviewer to trap you and judge how boasting you are?

So, be alert to answer this question and don’t even hint to the interviewer that you are overqualified although you are.

This is a good answer:

“I think I am qualified for this post because I am just a beginner and have lots more to learn. I think qualification is not only a matter of theoretical knowledge or results; it also depends on practical knowledge and learning. When I get practical knowledge, I will consider myself just a well-qualified not overqualified. Because learning never ends.” 

It is a trick question. So don’t specify your actual weaknesses. Instead of this try to show you are very team oriented

For example

“I would say everyone has blind spots and I would too that’s why I believe in teamwork because when you are a team, you can point out the blind spots of other people, and they will also do the same for you.”

It is a typical interview question asked to judge how you handle the job stress and pressure.

Suggestion Answer 1 – I believe in working in a planned way and finishing my work regularly. I always react to situations, rather than to stress. In this way, I handle the situation and don’t take the stress.

Suggestion Answer 2 – I go to the gym regularly and do work out. In this way, I remove my stress. I believe that physical exercise is a great stress reducer.

This question is asked to judge, what type of situations makes you uncomfortable and disappointed. While answering this question, don’t just say your disappointment. Instead of this, you should include what you learn from that incident. 

Suggestion Answer 1- “The greatest disappointment in my life so far as when my laptop had stolen, and I had lost all my important data. I remember that I had to work hard for the next 10 days to redo all my work to make sure to submit on time.”

Suggestion Answer 2 – If you did not face any disappointment in your life

You should always answer this question in a manner that suits both your personality and management too.

“Sir, I am not a short-tempered person, but I feel a bit of annoyance when someone disturbs me in my work without a genuine reason. Although I am an even-tempered person, when I get angry, I try to channel my negative feeling in my work.”

This question is asked to judge your decision-making capabilities. The interviewer wants to know, how you take a decision in tough times.

Suggestion Answer 1 -After completing my graduation, the toughest decision is whether to go for higher studies or do a job. Then I chose the job because getting trained is better than educated and it was also the demand of that time.

Suggestion Answer 2 – My toughest decision was to take admission in I belong to a middle-class family, and my father was not in favor of taking admission, but I convinced him, and today he is very happy.

It is my promise that gets up me in the morning. My promise is to learn something new and someone in need. It provides me the satisfaction that I am making a difference in someone life.

At the time of answering this question, you should choose a story containing not too many mistakes. It should be real.

Talk about the mistake, but it is also important to convince the interviewer that you never make the same mistake again.

Suggestion Answer 1 – I would try to find out exactly what the problem was, and evaluate if there was something I could do to make it right.

Suggestion Answer 2 – I would ask the customer to explain his problem and carefully listen to him. After that, I do my best to solve his problem. If that problem is not regarding my work area, I spoke to someone who could help him immediately.

Suggestion Answer 1 – Before some time, public speaking has been a challenge for me. I was very nervous and hesitate while giving any presentation, so I started taking public speaking seminars to improve it. Now, I still get nervous before pitches, but I have learned how to remain calm and get the job done right. 

The difference between group and team are as follows

There is only one difference between the group and the team. That is unity. Any set of people who stand together without any purpose or goal can be called as Group. Whereas, when more than 2 people work towards a common goal, can be called as a Team. For example: If you assign work to a group, then the work will be divided between the members and each member will work out their part, without any coordination with the other members of the group. On the other hand, if you assign a project to a team, they will collectively take the responsibility and work together with the goal to achieve the desired result. In a team, the members will cooperate and coordinate with each other at all times.

Suggestion Answer 1 -I have high hopes that I will be selected. In case if I will not select, I will continue to look for another job in the same field that will fit my schedule and goals. 

Suggestion Answer 2 –  If I don’t get this job, I will use this experience to reflect my weakness and try my best to improve on them for the future opportunities along the way.

Success refers to the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Firstly, you need to understand the purpose of this question. The fresher candidate does not say YES at once. This will only show your desperation to this job. You can answer like this:

Suggestion Answer 1 –  I will definitely consider travelling if the opportunity is appropriate, rewarding and feasible. I don’t think that I will have any problem with the travelling involved. 

Suggestion Answer 2 – Yes, as part of growing up. I used to travel a lot as my father is an ex-serviceman hence occasionally he used to be posted throughout the country. Though I would prefer my city as it is my birthplace and all my friends and relatives are there, but at the same time, I am ok with relocating.

It is good to start with a disclaimer that you are not aware of the strengths of the other candidate. Also, you sure that some impressive candidates apply for this position.

Suggestion Answer 1 – Although, I am not familiar with the others whom you are interviewing for this position. I am sure many talented people applying for the job. But because of my background and the problem-solving skills, I considered myself to be a strong candidate for this position.

Suggestion Answer 2 – I understand that success is not always guaranteed but there is still hope, and I never lose the faith, whether I succeed or not. I think this power makes me stand alone from all other candidates.

I feel happy when I accomplished my task. I also feel happy when I achieved my goals. Holiday with my family and friends also makes me happy.

Suggestion Answer 1 – According to me, Honesty, Loyalty, and determination to achieve my team’s target are the three important things in a job

Suggestion Answer 2 – According to me, Professionalism, growth and a healthy work-life balance are the three important things in a job.

Though this answer is objective and can be different for different persons, but you should be positive in your thoughts and do not say many things about the company which gives the interviewer an illusion that you are exaggerating. In short, be realistic and precise.

I have always wanted to work with an organization which provides a very comfortable and home like work environment. I would like to work in the company where I can get the opportunity to learn and enhance my skill to become a better professional in the future.

You should think of people who embody the qualities that you most admire.

For Example – The role model of my life is my mother. Whenever I am down my mother helps me to push my limits, and she always keeps me on the track. She was scolding me whenever I do something wrong. She is everything for me, I still got inspired from her, how she manages every problem in every situation

Sir, I’m not in the position to rate you as an interviewer. Anyway, I’m not going to disappoint you. As an interviewer you’ve fulfilled your job, So, I can give you 10 out of 10. But I’ll give you 9/10 as there should always be a scope to increase our skills which will create an interest in learning the things. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

It’s your turn now. If you get such an opportunity, you may ask questions like that:

Suggestion Answer 1 – Thank you for giving me this opportunity. After my overall performance till now if I got selected what I need to improve and if I’m not selected how can I succeed further. Can you give any advice sir?

Suggestion Answer 2 – First of all thanks you very much, for being so much polite & friendly to me throughout the session, that I can express myself so easily. Can you please tell me that what are the qualities you are expecting from fresher like us & I want to know, if am selected, then what should I improve before I join your company, if I am not selected, your opinion will help me to the upcoming interview.