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HR Manager Jobs in Odhav Ahmedabad

Position Name – HR Manager

Job Location – Odhav GIDC, Ahmedabad

Industry – Solar Energy Manufacturing Company

Total Job Vacancy – 1 Male/Female

Qualification – MBA HR or Post Graduates

Base Salary – up to 50K – Depends on Exp & Interview

Experience – Min 5+ Years Exp required as HR Manager or Senior HR Executive or HR Generalist from HR management experience, with a significant focus on international labor laws and compliance

Skills & Job Descriptions

Recruitment and Hiring:

  • Lead international recruitment efforts, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process that attracts top talent.
  • Develop and implement strategies for sourcing candidates that align with the company’s cultural and professional standards.
    Compliance Management:
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with international labor laws and regulations, adapting policies as necessary to meet legal requirements and industry best practices.
  • Conduct regular audits and reviews of company practices and documentation to maintain legal and ethical standards.
    Policy Development and Implementation:
  • Craft and uphold comprehensive HR policies that support the company’s goals and comply with international labor standards.
  • Collaborate with management to incorporate these policies into daily operations, ensuring clarity and adherence across the organization.
  • KPIs: Compliance rates, employee turnover, time-to-hire, employee satisfaction levels, training completion rates
  • KRAs: Legal compliance, effective recruitment and retention, policy developmentand implementation, successful resolution of employee relations issues, and enhancement of employee skills and leadership capabilities.
    Employee Relations
  • Serve as a liaison between management and employees, fostering open communication and resolving conflicts in a manner that respects all parties’ needs and legal rights.
  • Implement programs and initiatives that enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.
    Contract Management:
  • Oversee the preparation, review, and management of employment contracts, ensuring they are fair, clear, and compliant with international laws.
  • Provide guidance on contract modifications in response to changes in labor legislation or company policy.
    Training and Development:
  • Identify and address training needs within the company, designing programs that promote professional growth and compliance awareness.
  • Support leadership development initiatives to cultivate a knowledgeable and effective management team.

HR Compliance Manager Job Vacancy in Odhav GIDC

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