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Chief Financial Officer Jobs in Ahmedabad

Position Name – Chief Financial Officer

Total Openings – 1 Male/Female 

Company info – Manufacturing

Job Location – Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Qualification – Post Graduates accounting, CA / MBA Finance

Salary – up to 90k – Depends on Exp or Interview

Experience – 10+ years experience required as Chief Financial Officer or Finance Manager/Finance Head from the Manufacturing Industry

  • International finance experience
  • Experience in mergers and acquisitions and investor relations
  • Executive experience with manufacturing business models and their associated revenue recognition

Skills & Job Descriptions

  • A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of their company. They are often in charge of tracking cash flow, analyzing strengths/weaknesses in the company’s finances and overseeing all aspects of its financial success..
  • Professional certification (ex: Certified Public Accountant)
  • Drive the company’s financial planning
  • Perform risk management by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments
  • Decide on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks
  • Control and evaluate the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure
  • Ensure cash flow is appropriate for the organization’s operations
  • Supervise all finance personnel (controllers, treasurers etc.)
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Prepare reliable current and forecasting reports
  • Set up and oversee the company’s finance IT system
  • Ensure compliance with the law and company’s policies
  • Manage team of financial controllers and financial analysts.
  • Work with senior managers to efficiently develop budget proposals, provide access to project finance information, and ensure contract/grant compliance and reporting
  • Research revenue opportunities and economic trends, analyze internal operations, and identify areas for cost reduction and process enhancement
  • Perform risk management through analysis of company liabilities and investments, and evaluate and manage capital structure and fundraising initiatives
  • Oversee HR operations by coordinating with external service providers (ex: payroll, benefits, recruitment) and internal staff responsible for other aspects of HR
  • Monitor business performance with tracking tools, establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports for earnings calls, management team, and rest of company
  • • Manage finance personnel and oversee financial IT systems, ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory entities (ex: Financial Accounting Standards Board, Internal Revenue Service, state attorneys general)

CFO Job Vacancy in Ahmedabad

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